Widgetbait Case Study – Update 2

Hello first time visitor!

Just a quick update on the widgetbait case study. Today the target investment calculator page is ranking on page 5 in Google and on page 12 in Live. Yahoo is still not showing it within the first 20 pages.

Fifth page in Google may not be a huge thing but is significant progress since the previous time. Important thing to mention is that in addition to the widget bait we got few links from forum signature, few links from one article and a link from Hubpages hub. So it’s not the widget alone, but good luck ranking for such a keyword without it.

Now the next step includes wiring one more article and maybe making one more hub and squidoo page. Since this is very unlikely to give significant improvement, we’ll plan the next widget targeting the same page. Stay tuned.

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  1. Update: It’s now on 3rd page in Google and 1st page in Live.

  2. Hi,

    I left you a long comment on on of your articles earlier this summer. I was debating your argument against the usage of PHP template engines. I see that you still have not replied to it. I invite you to come read and reply to my comment, Im curious what you will think of my point of view on the subject.


    – Dennis

  3. Hi Dennis,

    Actually I’ve lost interest on that topic. For me smarty is still evil and I refuse to work on projects which use it, but I have shared my arguments in the article and have nothing new to add.

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