Widgetbait Case Study Continued

Hello first time visitor!

If you have no idea what is all about, please check the first post.

There is no PR update yet, but 10 days after releasing the investment calculator plugin the first results can be seen.

Searches for “investment calculator plugin”, “investment calculator wordpress”, “investment calculator wordpress plugin” and “investment calculator wp” all rank sharkinvestor.com on the first place in Google. For most of the key phrases we get also the target page – http://sharkinvestor.com/investment-calculator/ – ranked as a sub-result of the plugin page. Yahoo and Live are pathetic and not only rank the domain lower, but also return completely irrelevant pages from it. I am not a fan of Google’s monopoly but it clearly shows to be much better in this experiment so far.

Now, the results for the above phrases are great, but our target is to rank for “investment calculator”. Of course I don’t expect that to happen only with one widgetbait, but there is already some success: the right page ranks in Google currently at 195th place (page 19 of the results). Being in page 19 in practice is like being no ranked at all, but we look for the fundamental effect and it is quite good. From now on, we’ll do some standard linking to see how much the combination of both will help.

We’ll publish few articles, will get few forum signature links and few links from partner sites. I’ll ensure one PR 6 link from the FirstTimer’s page – I’ll post something like “Other plugins from the author”.

We’ll follow the result after a month and if it is still not good enough, it will be a time for the heavy guns – another widgetbait for the same page.

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