WidgetBait Case Study: A WordPress Plugin

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A couple months ago I made a small test with FirstTimer Worpdress Plugin. When published it and with almost no effort the page got PR 6 and still has it. Considering that the homepage of this site has only PR 3, this sounded quite interesting.

The Investment Calculator Case Study

When I created FirstTimer I did not target any specific search engine optimization benefits. Now it’s time for a more focused widgetbait effort and for it we picked the site which first started using FirstTimer as well – http://sharkinvestor.com.

The task will be to optimize this investment calculator for exactly the same phrase – investment calculator. The phrase is competitive but not so much that it would be a dead cause. I will limit other SEO to minimum and use mostly the worpress plugin for this study.

Currently sharkinvestor.com does not rank at all for the keyphrase, so it will be quite interested if something will happen in the next few months. As a side effect of course we will be watching the direct traffic which will come from the widgetbait and the bounce rates.

There is a big chance that the plugin page will rank better for “investment calculator” rather than the page which we want to rank (the live installed calculator). This is also something which is worth thinking about once I get any results.

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  3. I gotta to say I agree with the majority of what is being stated here. I am gonna have to have to snatch the rss so I can keep tabs. on what is going on around here.

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