Scriptlance Review: The easiest freelance site to start

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Overall impressions of Scriptlance

One of the most popular and most active freelance sites. Registration is free. There are hundreds of projects published every day and thousands of freelancers competing for them. You can withdraw your earnings via Check, Paypal, E-gold or Bank Wire. The support is overally good and there is a forum where you can receive other member’s feedback. The site is very easy to use. Your bids on ScriptLance are visible to the other members, unless the buyer has explicitly chosen otherwise.


– Very low commissions – only 5% of the project amount (minimal fee $5)
– Several withdrawal options including E-gold
– Good support and forum
– A lot of projects available every day
– Very user-friendly site
– Free registration, no monthly fees (unless for certified programmers)


– Too much competition
– Often the projects are of low quality or not well paid
– Not very good protection against malicious buyers
– the commissions are taken when the project is accepted and before you get paid – thus you can have negative balance.

Additional information

There is a private message board on ScriptLance where you can communicate privately with the buyers. Many users use the boards to give private offers just like if they have placed bids. So you can’t entirely rely on the visible bids on the site to know the prices of your competitors.

Do not post contact information in your bids! You can be banned from the site for doing this. If you want to give a link to your portfolio, you must do it in the private message board.

Be careful not to end up with negative balance on ScriptLance. How is this possible? Well, they charge their fee at the time you accept to work on a project (after your bid is selected of course). So if this is your first project, or you have withdrawn all the funds from your account, now your account will be negative. You will have 30 days to pay the fee – either by getting paid from the buyer or by depositing money yourself. If you fail to do it you’ll get your account frozen until you do it. This is not so scary, because you don’t lose your account – you are just unable to place bids. But it is not a nice situation, so better avoid it.

ScriptLance does not automatically calculate commissions on additional payments made to your account – say bonuses or payments for extra work. But you must report them yourself – use the “contact us” link and then navigate to the appropriate form. If you don’t do it, you’ll be charged 10% instead of 5% on these extra payments.

If you conform to these small specialities in ScriptLance you will see that it is one of the best freelance sites available. And yes, you will be earning a good money thru them.

4 Responses to “Scriptlance Review: The easiest freelance site to start”

  1. Also try http://WWW.ICANFREELANCE.COM

    It seems to have a few freelance jobs everyday. Just an extra source of income for me.

  2. Scriptlance is run by a bunch of very dishonest people – AVOID.

  3. Scriptlance is a thieves website, who will stole money from you.

    1. they will not reply to your support request for weeks
    2. your account can be suspended without any reason given or mistakes done by you
    3. most of fake buyers are coming there to get free work
    4. when you complete the work and buyer insist to get refund after you upload work to his site, SL guys will not bother to go into deep to know the truth and will cancel escrow and refund to buyer
    5. over all wastage of time, money, work and getting negative reputation…

    BEWARE OF thieflance.. ufff scriptlance

  4. I haven’t worked on Scriptlance last few years, but when I was working I have never been ripped off by them. I agree the support isn’t good however and many of the projects and buyers are on the lower end.

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