Sample Resume

Hello first time visitor!
Personal Details
Name: Bobby Handzhiev
Country Bulgaria
Time Zone GMT +2, EST -7, with daylight saving
Availability Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 11 PM GMT
Objective, statement of purpose
This resume is made only for sample. It is supposed to approach freelance web development projects
High School High school of Economics
College Public Relations in Sofia University
Work experience
since 2003 Freelance web developer
2001 – 2003 DTP Expert in two advertising agencies, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 – 2001 Journalist for several Bulgarian newspapers
Programming technologies PHP/MySQL (5 years), HTML (7 years), DHTML & Javacript (6 years), Perl (2 years)
Other software and technologies AJAX, .htaccess, CMS (Drupal, phpNuke), Oscommerce, Forums (SMF, PhpBB), Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and more
Bulgarian (native), English (excellent), Russian (good), French (some)
Pet Friendly Canada Full development of the dynamic front end and back end. PHP/MySQL used.
Ok, if I have to fill my entire portfolio, I’ll need a lot of space. You got the idea, fill in your best projects, no more than 10
2005 Mod rewrite for Dummies
Building a Framework for Effective Development

Some clarifications: /these are for you, DO NOT include such in you CV ;-)/

  1. Did you notice the picture? What, did you think that you must put a photo with suite and a tie? Nothing wrong if you do it, but you don’t NEED to be official. You are a freelancer, you are creative and free – and it’s perfectly fine if you place your photo with a t-shirt and sunglasses (well, better without sunglasses – keep your eyes visible)
  2. Notice some differences – instead of giving birth date and physical address I’ve given timezone and availability. This information is much more useful for someone who searches for a freelancer!
  3. The education is so short – who cares to know the names of my schools? Ok, if you are Ph.D. feel free to write it, but don’t bother your potential customers with too much details about it
  4. Same on the work experience – who cares about the names of the companies I worked in?
  5. The languages are important. Yes, English is used everywhere, but sometimes the clients will be much happier if you can also speak Spanish or French.
  6. In this sample resume my portfolio contains only one item – because you are not here to know about me, but just to get the idea. If you have few projects done, list all of them. If you have many, list the best 10
  7. The publications are also only two for the sample, but if you have more, list them – sorted by years. Start from the most recent and go back in time. You can list 20 or more as they won’t take too much screen space.

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