Random Thoughts About Developing A Facebook App

Hello first time visitor!

I’ve built a small Facebook application for parents mostly with the idea to see their API works and if it could be a decent widgetbait.
The application is still quite simple, but I think the idea is good – it’s lets you spread the word about your children by placing a badge in your profile. In addition you can find other Facebook users who have children of same gender, age or zodiac like yours.

If you have a Facebook profile and children, you may want to give it a try.

Here are few first thoughts about the development:

  • The API documentation seems quite unorganized and confusing
  • Sometimes you need to do quite stupid things. For example to “register a template bundle” just to publish a feed on user’s wall.
  • The lack of normal Javascript in FBML mode is boring
  • At least I didn’t stumble on any bugs

What about the results of a widgetbait? A SEO effect cannot be expected, because (as far as I know) all the pages in Facebook are accessible to logged in users only. So the “bait” can be only for direct traffic. You need at least 5 active users in order to submit your application to the directory, so it’s nothing like to drop a wordpress plugin and get the traffic rolling in.

If you plan to use a Facebook application for promoting your own site(s), you will need at least:

  • A good idea. Something original. Not like 90% of the apps out there
  • Some initial users. It would be a good idea to promote the app on your site first before expecting the app to promote your site
  • Your app and the site/service you are promoting should have something in common. For example our “I have children!” is promoting baby contest site and free baby photo album.

I’ll hopefully have some more results and stats from this widgetbait to share soon.

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  1. there are many baby contests in our area and i sometimes join my baby for baby contests ..

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