Pro Bono

Being very busy I rare take freelancing gigs anymore. This doesn’t mean however that I can’t spend some time without rewards on something that I think is honorable.

Occasionally I do work  “Pro Bono” (yes, for free).

If you have a project which can do some good to the humanity or the nature and you do it without expecting financial gains, I can try to help you too. I can’t promise meeting deadlines, but if I like your cause I can get seriously involved in it.

A honorable  project could be something that does any of the following:

  • Helps reducing poverty or hunger
  • Collects funds for charities (must be proven charities)
  • Helps  saving the nature
  • Helps keeping the peace somewhere in the world
  • Improves education in uneducated areas


If you have such a project and need free of charge web development help, feel free to contact me at

3 Responses to “Pro Bono”

  1. Sad to see such a good proposal attracts comments that clearly are made to build links with spun content.

    I for one would like to applaud you for making this offer, and if I needed a wp expert for a charity i support, i would recommend you for sure.

    Kind regards

  2. Thanks Janno,

    I finally cleared the spam :)

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