What Was PIM Team And Why Would You Care?

Maybe I should first answer the question why this blog’s domain is pimteam.net – but I guess you have figured it out yourself. I used this domain to host PIM Team company’s site on it.Why there is no more PIM Team or at least not for the moment could be long and not so interesting to explain. In short it was something which worked fine, but I never put the energy to make it grow, so I decided to freeze it for long time.

PIM (Positron Ideas Manufacturing) Team was a small software outsourcing company (or it is better to say just a team of programmers and designers) and was offering mostly low cost services. Pretty boring as you can see.

What could be more interesting for you, besides that it earned me a living for few years, is the fact that PIM was a live experiment of the Virtual Company idea. The Virtual Company concept is nothing new, but unfortunately there are few who really tried and succeeded to get it working. This concept is very crucial for everything in this blog, so I strongly recommend you to read the articles about virtual company pillars here. You may or may not want to start a virtual company yourself, but in both cases you must use the concepts involved if you want to leverage your business or self employment career on modern technologies and outsourcing.

So Is Outsourcing Really That Important?

One thing that most people seem to miss is that outsourcing is not just hiring a programmer thru Elance or other site and definitely not hunting for the lowest possible fare. Outsourcing is a business concept which can be applied to almost every business inside or outside of the technology market.

Essentially this is all you may want to know about PIM Team right now. You will not find too much other info about PIM on this blog, so don’t worry, there will be no “we, we, we” talk here.

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  1. Hi,
    I was trying to use your mail2future php script. However, the
    $DB->q($q); function fails. Also, the Javascript functions

    function jsvalidate (html form validation) does not work in error checking.

    Your help in trouble shooting why the program is not working fully is really appreciated.

  2. What means “functions fails”? What error are you getting?

  3. Dear sir,

    I know system allows to save the quiz partially in order to let user call back the uncompleted quiz to redo? but I don’t find the function in your demo site http://sandbox.pimteam.net/. could you provide me demo on that part?

    and could you let me test user management ?


  4. The funciton works automatically if the quiz is paginated one question per page.
    For other types of pagination there is option “Show Save button”. You can test it yourself on the Add/Edit quiz page.

    The user management comes from your WordPress blog, you can see it everywhere.

  5. ‘Show Save button’ does not show on your demo site http://sandbox.pimteam.net. please help

  6. It does, here is example:


    You must be logged in to see the save button.

  7. Thanks Bob

    Refer to Watu Pro:

    1. I will do customization for Watu. I will allow user to upload related file and fill in text in each question during answering true or false question or Multiple Answers. is it possible to do so with your help?

  8. 2. I find that ‘My Quizzes’ only reflect the same row of quiz result after the same account submits the same quiz more than one times. can ‘My Quizzes’ change/customize to display all that the same account submits?

  9. refer to the sample:http://sandbox.pimteam.net/wordpress/test123/

    saved quiz is functional. but if there are more than one saved quiz, how can user know which quiz is saved one in system? please

  10. I’ll get back to you by email, this page isn’t appropriate for Watu pro discussion.

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