New Very Relaxed PHP Framework Released

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Celeroo-Frame is a little, fast and very relaxed PHP MVC framework. Some developers would even say it’s not a framework but a collection of libraries and coding practices. It’s ok to call it that – the most important thing is it helps you build PHP/MySQL applications really fastCeleroo-Frame can be downloaded hereCeleroo-Frame is a result of mine and Axaya‘s years of reusing and optimizing code in real live applications. Initially we didn’t aim to create a framework – it just happened as a result of real work. So you will not find as many libraries, tools and magic as in the other PHP frameworks, but you will certainly find a lot more freedom.While it implies certain way of doing the things, there are virtually no restrictions to what you may want to do and change. Unlike the other frameworks, its core is directly part of your application so you can change everything.The reason Celeroo-Frame was developed and released is to help you achieve really rapid development of web applications. The learning curve is extremely short and coding with it, I believe, is real fun. I recommend you to check the information at Celeroo blog as there is full documentation. Your feedback will be appreciated. Note that Celeroo-Frame is in Beta stage in the sense that it has just been packaged as a framework. (By the way Celeroo also uses Celeroo-Frame. You will hear more about Celeroo pretty soon).

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