Learning Management System for WordPress

Hello first time visitor!

We have released another open-source project, this time a WordPress plugin. Namaste! LMS is a learning management system for WordPress, completely free and up to date with the latest versions of the blogging platform.

In short, this first public version can do the following:

  • Manage courses and lessons
  • Manage students
  • Enroll students in courses
  • Create assignments and approve/reject their solutions.

There are rather flexible rules which define when to consider a lesson or course completed depending on solved assignments, exams (via Watu/WatuPRO), visited lessons, manual approvals and so on. Check the site for more detailed info.

The plugin is still new and there’s a lot to do. It starts well though, with more than 100 downloads from the first few days. My goal is will turn into a very user-friendly and frequently updated free LMS.

(Why WordPress? Because there is Moodle as stand-alone solution, and WordPress is easiest CMS. This does not exclude the plans to make Joomla or other CMS based learning management system in the future).

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