Hostel PRO for WordPress

Hello first time visitor!

This is our new plugin for small hotels, hostels and BnBs. It deserves its own site so here it is:

The free version resides on WordPress:

Why another hotel plugin?

First, this is not a hotel plugin, it’s a hoStel plugin. The big difference is in the simplicity. Most hotel plugins are designed, well for large hotels and suffer from huge feature overload. Hostel and HostelPRO aim to the small hostel/hotel/BnB owner and serves two main purposes:

  • To let you set up quick and easy website for your hostel – with WordPress and the plugin
  • To let you manage your rooms and bookings

When you look closer you’ll quickly figure out there is no other plugin like this.

Who Supports It?

We do. I.e. the same folks who built WatuPRO, BroadFast for WordPress and Namaste! LMS. HostelPRO is in a good company and if you judge by our other plugins it’s here to stay and grow.

Questions and suggestions? Let us know!


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