GetACoder Review: Less Known But Active

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I must say I haven’t had much own experience with GetACoder. When I first found it, I already was too busy and wasn’t looking for extra freelance work. I registered an account just to take a look around and did not like it too much.

The script looked similar to GetAFreelancer and Scriptlance, but seemed a bit more confusing and the forgotten password function was not working. There were not many projects either.

Returning to this site today after a couple of years I see some of the problems remain, but some things have improved a lot.

GetACoder Popularity

I rare hear freelancers talking about GetACoder so I thought it’s still not very active site. However, look at their browse projects page – there are about 50 new projects posted every day! Certainly this is less than the giants Scriptlance, GetAFreelancer, Guru and RentACoder, but it’s still pretty good.

Now look at the number of bids per project – very often they are less than 10. Looks like we have found a decent site with slightly less competition between the freelancers. That could be a golden mine for you.

Fees, commissions and conditions

The fees are quite high. They take 10% of the bid amount + $5 fixed fee on each project. This probably keeps many freelancers off. Premium members (who pay $8 per month) are free from the $5 fixed fee and have to pay “only” 10% of the project amount.

They take 5.9% + $0.45 fee if you choose to withdraw your funds by E-gold. For Paypal the withdrawals are free. Unfortunately there is no other withdrawal method, not even check! Another problem with the payments is that you can’t get out less than $100 – so if you work on small projects you may have to wait until you accumulate funds.


Good amount of projects. Although it’s not as active as the biggest sites, GetACoder offers a lot of new projects every day.
Less competition – there are less providers than on most of the other sites. Well, this is mostly because of the disadvantages of course.
Premuim membership grants access some extras like HTML and logo templates, portfolio samples directory and fonts


Too high fees. They are still lower than the fees on RentACoder (except on the very small projects), but on RAC you get what you pay for. I am not sure why you have to pay so much on GAC.
Only two withdrawal methods. That is really crazy. How can they not offer at least cheque or bank wire? Not everyone has Paypal or wants to use E-gold especially for 6% fee!
Minimum withdrawal of $100. I don’t understand this as well. Why you cannot withdraw $10 – both Paypal and E-gold have no problem with small payments.

Other than what is said above, I noticed GetACode have the same freezing policy to accounts with negative balance like on Scriptlance (see my Scriptlance Review for more details).

I’ve seen various feedback about GAC on the Web – from “very good” to “horrible support”. Some of the feedback is outdated however – people who claim there are no contact details on the site are wrong – there are several phones and faxes on their “Contact Us” page.

I am not really sure if this site is for you, but if you look for some alternative of the most popular sites, GetACoder seems like one to consider.

10 Responses to “GetACoder Review: Less Known But Active”

  1. There is a new site like is called

  2. i have used getacoder for many projects and have a rating of 10 with 11 comments

    bu i find getacoder site processes really poor and dysfunctional and clunky

    and there is no arbitration process

    there is aloso NO real way to contact them. they hide behind anomomous automated support email

    and the coders overall seem very poor

    i have repeatedly had coders promise all sorts and never ever deliver … often just just disappearing mid-project

    i have others who do half, can’t do rest as promised and stil expect to be paid

    current record is alomst 8 months by a coder to do around 25 enhancements and stil can’t finish costing me huge business

    currently GAC are holding to over $450 in escrow of my money.

    incl $250 FOR A MONTH for a coder who just disappeared after 12 weeks without doing anythng or doing anythng

    don card

  3. Yes CDG, they ate 1000 usd :(, I have 25 feedbacks and after two years they suspend my account when I have 6 mega projects in my list and 1000 usd in my escrow. When I contact them, they reply to it after week, telling me to provide some documents to prove my identity, and tell me new email for support that was gmail, when i send them documents over there, they replied me after three weeks that they are investigating, they are still though it has been six months, poor support, they only ate your funds for paying their hosting fees, now i am with getafreelancer, more jobs less fees, and more confident with them, I will recommend not to use them.

  4. GetACoder is a J-O-K-E! If you’re serious about freelancing, don’t waste your time with GAC. I can’t speak to the other freelance sites because I wrote all of them off after my brief GAC encounter. It must be run in someone’s basement who has 24/7 voice mail, and never returns calls. No contact information at all is permitted when projects are bid. Oh really? And the project host does due diligence and checks references how? And the bidder checks that the project host is legitimate, how? If you want to build an entire ebay cloned web site for $300, you will find all the work you want at GAC. It’s a playpen for children or those who don’t mind working for slave wages on poorly defined projects (i.e. requirements creep). Don’t waste your time.

  5. Getacoder is a RIPOFF! I was robbed in $300. I had the money for withdraw (that takes a month) and my account was suspended asking for documents and stuff…I even had 10 reviews. I was a serious freelancer and I was RIPPED in $300. No way to contact them and always automatic replies. Someone should expose this site and close it. Don’t USE getacoder.

  6. I posted a job on GAC. And was quite happy when I got 30 bids (from premium members too!). I spent three days going through various messages and looking at “portfolios”. SHOCKINGGG STUFF… half done websites, demos, pictures of websites … that’s all I was presented with to base my decision on. And when I look at the “reviews” these designers were getting… I’m certain beyond a doubt this is a one-man crappy website being run from his bedroom, where he gives all his friends good reviews. What really $£”%$%ssed me off, was the fact that a number of them gave URLs of work they had done, which on the website clearly showed the true webdesigners name! Out of curiousity, I contacted a few asking ‘if they were in anyway affiliated to the designer whose name appears on the site?’ Of course not one replied. I’m just happy I only lost time and not money. GETACODER IS A FRAUD!

  7. Currently GetACoder is very superior to RAC, GAF or Scriptlance. I have tried these freelance sites before I work on GAC and I have experienced problems in all of them. The most part of coders you find on Scriptlance are students that bid too low but then cannot finish the project or if they finish it’s with lots of bugs. Moreover support staff of Scriptlance barely exists. RAC has very high fees to coders so the bids are always higher than on GAC. On GAF I got scammed, I paid a coder that seemed skilled because had lots of reviews and he runaway with my money without completing the project. GAF never helped me. I am posting projects now on GetACoder because I find skilled and professional coders and their support staff really exists and it’s helpful.

  8. Getacoder is a big time joke. They don’t allow withdrawal for amount lesser than $100. Paypal withdrawal is not supported for all countries. If you bid on a project and if it is accepted , they will cut the amount from your account before only. Also projects can be accepted without money being escrowed. So if the client accepted your bid and you didn’t ask him to escrow money , then you are in deep trouble.
    And the icing on cake is that they don’t allow you to post competitors name ( rentacoder,odesk etc) in your projects bid , if you want to show your profile on other sites.
    What a lame company. I pray that they go out of business as soon as possible. My money is struck there for last 4 months.

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