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The freelance sites are providing one of the easiest ways to find freelance jobs online. They do all the work for you – they advertise your skills to the potential buyers, they handle the payments and send them to you, they usually care to protect you from fraud, they help you build your portfolio and they put you in real market environment teaching you how to create your own business strategies.

Some do that better, some do it worse

Some charge you more, some less. Some will allow you to join free, while other will charge you a sign up fee. It is very important to choose 2-3 freelance sites where to put your efforts for getting projects. A bad decision may cost you money and for sure will cost you time and broken nerves.

In this article I’ll review my favorite freelance sites – each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. I’ll show you which they are and help you choose – but the final decision is yours.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Try to get freelance projects from at least two of these sites – this will help you diversify your income streams and will give you base for comparison.

On the other hand, don’t sign up in every freelance site you see on the Net. Being in too many of them, you will lose a lot of time checking them all and bidding everywhere. Most of the sites have minimum payouts and they’ll be even higher if you receive payments by check or bank wire. You won’t make much progress if you have $50 in each of 15 freelance sites and you can’t get them out because of the high bank fees. On the other hand, having let’s say $500 in each of 3 sites is much easier to maintain.

Now, onto the topic. Here are the best startup points for your freelance career:

Scriptlance Review: The easiest freelance site to start

RentACoder Review: Serious site for serious freelancers

GetAFreelancer Review: A Promissing Venture Review – Maybe the largest, maybe the strangest freelance site

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