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Eventy was the first sell-able product I made about 8 years back. It was also the reason to start CalendarScripts.info at all, and to choose that domain name for it.

The product is still selling but in general I see less interest in stand-alone scripts as opposed to plugins for most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on. (I can confirm this with the release of WatuPRO ¬†Wordpress pluginn which is selling better than the more feature-rich Watu Plus albeit the same price). The reason for this must be that systmems like WordPress gained a lot of popularity and finally became good enough for managing really dynamic sites. So many webmasters choose such a CMS and extend with free and premium plugins. It’s much easier to install several plugins than to try to install several completely independent PHP scripts and try to make to make them work together in a consistently looking site.

So here is in short Eventy PRO. It will remain here at PIM team because I want to try splitting the marketing over two sites (will write more about this soon).

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