Use Ajax To Stop Spammers

Some time ago I wrote about how to stop spammers without Captcha. The technique described there works pretty sweet on several sites already, but there is a way to go even further. The Problem Well to be frank, the spam protection described in the previous post works at 100% already in several sites. But in […]

Stop Using PHP Template Engines Once And For All (Why Smarty Is Evil)

Do you know why PHP was initially created? I am sure you do, but many programmers have forgotten. The first purpose of PHP was to create simple dynamic web pages. Who knows why (seriously, do you know WHY?) groups of PHP developers keep working on PHP template engines which are supposed to help separating the […]

How To Stop The Spammers Without CAPTCHA? (Case Study)

You know the CAPTCHA images (called also Turing codes) are used everywhere – on blogs, forums, registration and contact forms – to stop spammers. They work almost perfect. But they are boring. The Captcha can significantly decrease the rate of feedback (comments) you get on your blog, the contact inquiries you receive, the registrations on […]