Hostel PRO for WordPress

This is our new plugin for small hotels, hostels and BnBs. It deserves its own site so here it is: The free version resides on WordPress: Why another hotel plugin? First, this is not a hotel plugin, it’s a hoStel plugin. The big difference is in the simplicity. Most hotel plugins are designed, well […]

WordPress: How To Properly Add Your Custom Post Type To Your Homepage

Does your WordPress plugin create a custom post type? Read on. Sometimes you’ll want your custom post type to be displayed in the home page along with other posts. This is what we had to do with Namaste! LMS.  We wanted the courses user create to get included in the homepage. The official Codex page […]

Learning Management System for WordPress

We have released another open-source project, this time a WordPress plugin. Namaste! LMS is a learning management system for WordPress, completely free and up to date with the latest versions of the blogging platform. In short, this first public version can do the following: Manage courses and lessons Manage students Enroll students in courses Create assignments […]


This is my latest hobby project – a Javascript library for creating interactive drawing boards. RoCanvas is not new, but initially it was a HTML5 “component” which wasn’t a good idea, because integration is harder and has more constraints. So I decided to follow the approach of apps like CKEDITOR and make it a Javascript […]

Eventy For WordPress

Eventy was the first sell-able product I made about 8 years back. It was also the reason to start at all, and to choose that domain name for it. The product is still selling but in general I see less interest in stand-alone scripts as opposed to plugins for most popular CMS like WordPress, […]

SEO-Friendly Ajax

Loading parts of your content with Ajax is cool, but the problem is search engines don’t quite follow javascript links. Here is very simple way to solve this problem. 1. Use links with onclick attribute like this: <a href=”some_url” onclick=”loadContent(page);return false;”>Load Page</a> The search engines will follow the URL you have given to the “href” […]

How To Ask For Tech Help

Here are some of the worst ways: – “Hey, this software is giving me errors! Fix it ASAP!” Comment: What errors? Which software? Don’t think that the tech guy is in your head. – “Open this URL: xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Go to A. Then do B. Then click on the green triangle. Then login as XXX/YYY. Try […]

New Very Relaxed PHP Framework Released

Celeroo-Frame is a little, fast and very relaxed PHP MVC framework. Some developers would even say it’s not a framework but a collection of libraries and coding practices. It’s ok to call it that – the most important thing is it helps you build PHP/MySQL applications really fast. Celeroo-Frame can be downloaded here. Celeroo-Frame is a result of mine […]

Six Ajax Problems That Make Your Application Look Dumb

Do you remember how websites looked 3-4 years ago? There was no Ajax at all, maybe only some fancy useless HTML. Is it now better? In general, I think yes. But Ajax is often being a bit abused, and what’s worst people want Ajax in their web applications no matter why. This forces many web […]

WordPress Plugin For First Time Visitors On Your Blog

I just wrote a simple plugin for WordPress which lets you display some text, HTML code and/or images to your first time visitors. It works with a cookie, so you know, some may see it more than once. Enjoy the plugin here.