Sample Resume

Personal Details Name: Bobby Handzhiev Country Bulgaria Time Zone GMT +2, EST -7, with daylight saving Availability Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 11 PM GMT E-mail:   Objective, statement of purpose This resume is made only for sample. It is supposed to approach freelance web development projects   Education High School High school […]

How To Write A Resume

Your resume talks to your customers before you Imagine you have to go to a dentists (yeah, it is never fun, I know) – and there are several in your area. Will you choose the one with a sign on the door “Dentist – $50 per hour” or you will prefer the one who lists […]

9 Promotional Techniques For Freelancers

Do you want to be a successful freelancer? Sure, that is why you are here. One of the hardest things for the most freelancers (just like in any other business) is finding customers for their services. Sure, you are pretty good in what you are doing, but how many people know this? Especially if you […]

GetACoder Review: Less Known But Active

Visit URL: GetACoder I must say I haven’t had much own experience with GetACoder. When I first found it, I already was too busy and wasn’t looking for extra freelance work. I registered an account just to take a look around and did not like it too much. The script looked similar to GetAFreelancer and […]

How To Make Bids That Win

How do you think the ideal bid should look like? What is the most important – the price, the links to your previous freelance work or the ratings you have on that specific freelance site? None of the above. The buyers definitely want to know about your experience, ratings and reviews and for sure they […]

Top 10 Myths In Freelancing

Some time ago a friend told me: “There is not enough information about freelancing on the Net”. Hey, how’s that, there is everything on the Net! I was sure he has not searched, but when I tried myself I understood he was partially right. There are a lot of discussions about freelancing and a lot […]

Six Potential Problems With Your Project And How To Avoid Them

We, the freelancers, have one big problem. Often we are so concentrated in getting a new customer, giving a good quote and closing that deal, so we forget that the job will have actually to be done. Sometimes after closing a deal I start counting the money as if the project is done. Of course […]

7 Channels to communicate with your clients and how to get the most of them

I have seen a lot of debates about how should you, the freelancer, communicate with your clients. Some freelancers, especially designers or techies hate being disturbed at any time and appreciate only email communication. Others, usually coming from the marketing field, will tell you that the only chance to earn real respect and negotiate good […]

How To Look Like A Freelance Expert

Before going any further, let me be as clear as possible. I do not recommend any cheating about your experience in any field. Besides the moral issues, cheating just does not work – ok, you’ll get a project that you are not qualified to do. And what will happen? You will fail to complete it, […]

Seven Tips For Indian Freelancers

India is the second largest country in the world and the top outsourcing destination for IT jobs. A large part of the freelancers who offer their services thru various channels on the Internet are Indians. The freelancer can live anywhere in the world. The good programmers and designers do not belong to a single nationality. […]