Freelancers, Here Is The Best Way To Find Work

There are many discussions over Hacker News about how freelancers can find clients. Of course you have many options – from personal contacts, to sending cold emails, making cold calls, bidding on freelance sites, etc. But I think there is much better way, and it is fairly simpler. It comes from software developer’s perspective so I’ll […] Review: Maybe the largest, maybe the strangest freelance site

Visit URL: Overall Impressions is by no doubt a huge site. By their own words it is “The world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent”. I don’t know this it is the truth, but even if it is not, it’s pretty close to the truth. contains more than hundred job categories of […]

Freelance Site Reviews

The freelance sites are providing one of the easiest ways to find freelance jobs online. They do all the work for you – they advertise your skills to the potential buyers, they handle the payments and send them to you, they usually care to protect you from fraud, they help you build your portfolio and […]

Scriptlance Review: The easiest freelance site to start

Visit the URL: ScriptLance Overall impressions of Scriptlance One of the most popular and most active freelance sites. Registration is free. There are hundreds of projects published every day and thousands of freelancers competing for them. You can withdraw your earnings via Check, Paypal, E-gold or Bank Wire. The support is overally good and there […]

RentACoder Review: A serious site for serious freelancers

URL: Overall impressions A very professional and business-looking freelance website. Don’t get fooled by the site’s look, it is not “for the big fish” or something like that. It is just a good site available for everyone. The registration is free and this site also lists hundreds of new projects every day. charges […]

Best Ways to Find Freelance Programming Jobs

There are literally thousands of people who look for freelance programming help every day. There are webmasters who start new projects, outsourcing companies who look to reduce their workload, students who need help making their assignments, programmers who can’t handle what is on their hands, small entrepreneurs who want to invest in innovative developments and […]

GetAFreelancer Review: A Promissing Venture

Visit URL: GetAFreelancer Overall Impressions GetAFreelancer(GAF) is a bit newer than the mastodons Scriptlance and RentACoder, but it managed to take a large pie in the market very fast. The site is very nice and easy to use. You can see all projects at a glance, just like in Scriptlance (the layouts of both sites […]

GetACoder Review: Less Known But Active

Visit URL: GetACoder I must say I haven’t had much own experience with GetACoder. When I first found it, I already was too busy and wasn’t looking for extra freelance work. I registered an account just to take a look around and did not like it too much. The script looked similar to GetAFreelancer and […]

How To Make Bids That Win

How do you think the ideal bid should look like? What is the most important – the price, the links to your previous freelance work or the ratings you have on that specific freelance site? None of the above. The buyers definitely want to know about your experience, ratings and reviews and for sure they […]

Seven Tips For Indian Freelancers

India is the second largest country in the world and the top outsourcing destination for IT jobs. A large part of the freelancers who offer their services thru various channels on the Internet are Indians. The freelancer can live anywhere in the world. The good programmers and designers do not belong to a single nationality. […]