Payment Systems For Feelancers

I have lost some freelance income because of inability to receive my payment in an easy way. Sounds weird? Maybe it is, but this is a real problem for many programmers who are not living in US or West European countries. Here is the full story in short. I was contacted by an old customer […]

How To Become A Freelance Developer

Step by step tutorial So you have spent few months studying various technologies – probably PHP/MySQL, CGI or Java – and now you want to put that in action. Or are you already working as a web developer for a company? This experience can help you, but it is not needed. When I was starting […]

Top 10 Myths In Freelancing

Some time ago a friend told me: “There is not enough information about freelancing on the Net”. Hey, how’s that, there is everything on the Net! I was sure he has not searched, but when I tried myself I understood he was partially right. There are a lot of discussions about freelancing and a lot […]

Six Potential Problems With Your Project And How To Avoid Them

We, the freelancers, have one big problem. Often we are so concentrated in getting a new customer, giving a good quote and closing that deal, so we forget that the job will have actually to be done. Sometimes after closing a deal I start counting the money as if the project is done. Of course […]