Why Not eInk Tablets?

I recently read news about nook touch rooted to Android 2.1. Seems like a great idea for someone like me who wants the benefit of eInk – long time working on batteries and eye-friendly display, but with the features that tablets provide. I wonder why tablet manufacturers don’t look closer at eInk. Yes, it’s grayscale […]

Bulgaria Travel Hacker (Our latest info-site)

I have not had much time to post here recently due to work and other projects. One of them just went live yesterday. Bulgaria Travel Hacker is a site with practical information for people who want to visit my country. If you ever wondered how is everything like in it, the site will give you […]

Is Switching To a More Advanced Language Going To Make You a Better Developer?

Occasionally, and probably less often than I should, I read blogs and newsletters about programming and frameworks. Usually instead of finding useful information about the latest developments I’m finding flame wars on languages. They most often target PHP, though sometimes come from Java and .NET guys and target Ruby, Python and Perl. “PHP isn’t even […]

Random Thoughts About Developing A Facebook App

I’ve built a small Facebook application for parents mostly with the idea to see their API works and if it could be a decent widgetbait. The application is still quite simple, but I think the idea is good – it’s lets you spread the word about your children by placing a badge in your profile. […]

Celeroo Builder Is Alive

Today morning Celeroo Builder went live. If you have a web development project at your plate, you can sign up risk free and build it in probably 50% of the time that you would need if coding it manually. Even if you are not a developer yourself, you can benefit from the builder. You can […]

Web software development ain’t unlike Dating

Here’s a nice article – Web software development ain’t unlike Dating – posted on Celeroo Blog sharing an interesting approach to web development. If you are a software developer or company struggling in the unsure market right now, it’s much likely that you are failing at some of the points discussed there. Most developers/studios websites […]

What’s Your Point Of Difference In Web Design or Development?

“We do web design and development” doesn’t work. “We do low cost PHP/MySQL” doesn’t work either. There are too many who do that and your head isn’t going to stick up in the mob. Low cost is a bitch anyway. “I am the best programmer” or “We have a great team” is just as flawed. […]

Widgetbait Case Study – Update 2

Just a quick update on the widgetbait case study. Today the target investment calculator page is ranking on page 5 in Google and on page 12 in Live. Yahoo is still not showing it within the first 20 pages. Fifth page in Google may not be a huge thing but is significant progress since the […]

Widgetbait Case Study Continued

If you have no idea what is all about, please check the first post. There is no PR update yet, but 10 days after releasing the investment calculator plugin the first results can be seen. Searches for “investment calculator plugin”, “investment calculator wordpress”, “investment calculator wordpress plugin” and “investment calculator wp” all rank sharkinvestor.com on […]

WidgetBait Case Study: A WordPress Plugin

A couple months ago I made a small test with FirstTimer Worpdress Plugin. When published it and with almost no effort the page got PR 6 and still has it. Considering that the homepage of this site has only PR 3, this sounded quite interesting. The Investment Calculator Case Study When I created FirstTimer I […]