Is It Really So Hard To Succeed?

Most small entrepreneurs struggle to survive. Most small businesses struggle to find their place on the market. Most small businesses fail in the first five years. And that’s because the way most small businesses work is so outdated.

People study in schools, buy “business ideas” guides, listen to make money online “gurus” and try to replicate “magic” formulas and “hidden” secrets which simply do not work.

And it’s actually quite simple. If you want to start up your business with a bang, you must be creative and up to date. If you can leverage your creativity with the power of the new technologies you progress could be unstoppable.

And yes, you are creative. But maybe you don’t know it.

So stop applying outdated strategies, stop buying “make money online” guides and stop listening to “gurus” who promise to bring you rivers of money with their hidden secrets.

Stop creating companies, e-shops or websites. Start creating ideas and express them with your companies, websites or e-shops. Then you can actually start making some serious progress.

So what is this blog about?

If I listened to the internet marketing gurus I should have created a “niche” blog and explain what was it about probably in the first few words on this page. Well I did not listen to them, so this is not a “niche” blog.

I created this blog to share a bunch of views, a bit of expertise and a pinch of creativity I thought I had. I would say this blog is about doing modern small business in general, but being a technology guy so I can’t afford such a general statement.

This blog is for people who own or plan to own a small business and want to grow it with up-to-date approach . I am not saying a “web business”, because the new informational/attention/knowledge economy rules are applicable to the offline world as well. But by these same rules if your offline business has no web presence, you just have no business at all. Technology plays a big role in this soup, so technology topics are a large part of this blog as well.

You may still be a bit confused, so I could recommend you to check the category structure and get a better idea what kind topics are covered here.

I will also help you by saying what this blog is NOT about:

– It is not another technology/programmer’s blog full with source codes and hacks (but you may find a few)

– It’s definitely not another “make money online” blog. I would advice you to stay away from creating such blogs yourself and even from reading most of them, as they are mostly full of crap

– Occasionally you may see me offering to sell you something, but generally this blog is a non-profit project at least for now. You don’t need to buy anything if you don’t really want it. What I can promise you is that in the rare occasion I decide to recommend something you won’t see any sales pitches and hype. I hate hype. People who use hype to sell crap should be shoot.

The major part of the articles on this blog will be concentrated on bringing your new or existing business or self employment career to more interactive level and with more effective methods. This means that I’ll cover a bit of web development and web marketing, outsourcing and general business ideas. One of my biggest beliefs is that a large part of the business operations today can be outsourced and made virtually, so you’ll read plenty of stuff on telework and telecommuting.

If you are looking to start a one – person business, then freelancing is a good start (but not so good end). Since I have done it successfully for several years, there is pretty large section for freelancers and especially freelance programmers.

If after reading all of this you are still not confused, then there is a fairly good chance that you and your business will benefit a lot by reading this blog. Subscribe to my feed or email updates here.

I am a bit geeky, but definitely not a nerd, so if you want to tell me how great this blog is or how much does it suck, mail me at and I will try to respond.

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  1. having problems with you overweight calculator, can you updated? can we talk business?

  2. Please mail me to and let me know what are the problems

  3. Hi Bobby, I am a retired marketing guy in Montana looking for a place to happen. I am a volunteer business teacher at a private high school. Have a fund raising project there.

    I also work with a Chiropractor to develop a really healthy weight loss program needing some software development for clients to keep track of their activities and progress.

    I am also involved with a wheelchair ministry to provide mobility to impoverished people in the Holy Land.

    We need some fund raising ideas and etc. Plan on using your auto-responder script for several projects. Interesting in helping? Pastor Jim in Montana

  4. Please let me know how I can help you. You can mail me at

  5. Hi There

    I love the look of your Namaste plugin, and wondered if I could have your assistance while I put together my music production school using it for a fee of course. Please email me to discuss if you’d like the work.



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