Widgetbait Case Study Continued

If you have no idea what is all about, please check the first post. There is no PR update yet, but 10 days after releasing the investment calculator plugin the first results can be seen. Searches for “investment calculator plugin”, “investment calculator wordpress”, “investment calculator wordpress plugin” and “investment calculator wp” all rank sharkinvestor.com on […]

Six Ajax Problems That Make Your Application Look Dumb

Do you remember how websites looked 3-4 years ago? There was no Ajax at all, maybe only some fancy useless HTML. Is it now better? In general, I think yes. But Ajax is often being a bit abused, and what’s worst people want Ajax in their web applications no matter why. This forces many web […]

WidgetBait Case Study: A WordPress Plugin

A couple months ago I made a small test with FirstTimer Worpdress Plugin. When published it and with almost no effort the page got PR 6 and still has it. Considering that the homepage of this site has only PR 3, this sounded quite interesting. The Investment Calculator Case Study When I created FirstTimer I […]